Top 10 Pilot Carrier Takeoffs & Landings!

Top 10 Pilot Carrier Takeoffs & Landings!

In a light aircraft, with little crosswind, the ideal landing is when contact with the ground occurs as the forward speed is reduced to the point where there is no longer sufficient airspeed to remain aloft. The stall warning is often heard just before landing, indicating that this speed and altitude have been reached. The result is very light touch down.

Light aircraft landing situations, and the pilot skills required, can be divided into four types:

-Normal landings.
-Crosswind landings - where a significant wind not aligned with the landing area is a factor.
-Short field landings - where the length of the landing area is a limiting factor.
-Soft and unprepared field landings - where the landing area is wet, soft or has ground obstacles such as furrows or ruts to contend with.

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